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 and discover a smooth, connected and sustainable way of leading in change.

We strongly believe that the world we are all shaping for tomorrow relies on the conversations we have the courage to lead today. 



What we offer

Lead in the moment with the future in mind

I2A Network Training Facilitation

Develop as an individual in an 

interactive context

I2A Network Coaching

Enhance your leadership effectiveness 


Who we are

We are an international team of devoted professionals who are passionate about human and organisational evolution.

The I2A Network is deliberately designed to be a self-organised, adaptive and learning organisation.

We partner with our clients to co-create memorable growth experiences and sustainable results.

Annie Bordeleau
Facilitates interactive growth experiences
Maren Telsemeyer
Wholehearted Facilitator and Coach
Ania Smolka
Facilitating change
Thorsten Hanisch
Digital Transformation, OD , Facilitator & Coach
John Brooker
Catalyst for evolutionary organisations
Dr. Katja Martinewski
Builds bridges to change perspectives
Tom Hatton
Organisational Development, Facilitator & Coach
Dr. Anja Degen
Inspires shift in thinking
Peter Marsh
Passionate helper for people, teams and organisations
Marc-Antoine Hamet
Cross-cultural coaching and facilitation

Dr. Jan Schmidt
Interactive Facilitator & Trainer

Johan Decoster

Agile and Growth Sprint Facilitator & Trainer

Alex Steele
Connector of leadership, sustainability & the practice of improvisation

What people say

Project Leader (DPL), Small Molecules, Hoffmann LaRoche, Basel

What a great team you are and extremely inspiring, personal, caring and motivating!


How to reach us


A selection of our clients

Hoffmann LaRoche, Basel

Genentech, San Francisco

CIM Cells in Motion and Max Planck Institut, Münster

Novartis, Basel

Terex, Düsseldorf

Hapag-Lloyd Container Line, Hamburg

Vendis Capital, Brussels

London Business School, London

Jacobs Consulting,  London

Universitätsklinikum, Münster

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster

Roche Africa and Levant Regions

Sofina, Brussels

Rhenus Air & Ocean, Holzwickede

University of Applied Sciences, Münster

UBS, Luxemburg

Ford Europe, Köln

Airbus, Toulouse

Basilea, Basel

The Korzybski Institute, Brugge

ECON TEL, Münster

CAE, Canadian Aviation Electronics, Stolberg

Roche Glycart AG, Zurich

Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto