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"Our work is our path."

- Lao Tzu

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Our Team

  Co-creating the future - One interaction at a time

We are a growing network of experienced Solution Focus and Leadership Circle Practitioners.

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Fun Facts About Us

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Can read Hiragana

Loves pottery

Addicted to maple syrup 

Fun Facts


Colleagues say

"Annie creates a special atmosphere of insightfulness and at the same time lightness and laughter. She's got the ability to quickly move in the client's world and understand what is needed to support them in shaping their next conversation."

"She makes links between different topics that enable you to discover new ways of seeing things. She detects even the tiniest shifts moving in a good direction, enhances them and gives individuals and groups the momentum to keep moving in that direction. She nudges entire systems with an incredible amount of patience"

"She puts a piece of her heart in every interaction and be sure she will always see the raw diamond in you."

"Be careful though, you can't expect to get the same pancakes twice ;)"

Annie Bordeleau

  • Development programme design

  • Leadership Training, Journeys  and Coaching

  • Solution Focused Training and Coaching

  • Team Offsite

  • Leadership Systems Certification

  • LCP and Team Survey Certification

  • Solution Focused Facilitating and Coaching

  • M.A. in Adult Education and BSc in Anthropology

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Colleagues say

"Maren brings sunshine even on the most rainy day, her energy is contagious and this makes training with Maren not only a learning experience but also fun."

"She makes theories highly applicable by the examples she gives and by explaining things so clearly. Her hands on attitude will make you love experimenting with your own behaviors and she will challenge you to reach for the next level. And you will love to be challenged, as she will give you the confidence to just do it by seeing all your resources."

"She makes theories highly applicable by the examples she gives and by explaining things so clearly. Her hands on attitude will make you love experimenting with your own behaviors and she will challenge you to reach for the next level. And you will love to be challenged, as she will give you the confidence to just do it by seeing all your resources."

Maren Telsemeyer

Talented singer

Adores Disney movies

Secretly a home designer

Fun Facts


Clients say

"I would like to thank you for your great job and guidance that you did during all the training. During all these sessions the content shared, exchanges and comments, helped me to reflect on me to become a better manager and peer. It has been a pleasure to meet you." Estefania, Unit Lead, Roche 

  • Cooperation / Collaboration

  • Conflict Management

  • Leadership Journeys

  • Coaching

  • Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) Certification

  • SF Mediation Certification

  • Solution Focus Professional Facilitator and Coach

  • First Class Honours Degree B.A. & B.A. (Hons.) 

  • European Business Programme

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Ania Smolka

Fun Facts


Conquered Kilimanjaro

Crazy about dogs

Never skips gym twice

Colleagues say

"She is a personification of agile thinking, gets along with everyone and balances the whole with clarity and procedure."

"If the I2A Network is where it is today, it is greatly due to Ania's dedication to getting things done, pushing our thinking to the next level and actively creating the lively community we've become.  She's always two steps ahead of the game."

Clients say

"With her very authentic and human way Ania encouraged and supported a wonderful journey of self-reflection and growth experiences, both for the individuals as well as for our community of research project leaders. I feel that many more people speak up now and show more of their "authentic selves" Tanja, Early Discovery Project Leader, Cancer Immunotherapy, Roche 

"Ania helped me to better understand my behavioral patterns. How are reactive and creative behaviors linked to one another? How can I adapt a more creative style and thus become a better leader? I very much appreciated talking to her." Martin, Training Participant, Roche

  • Agile Leadership and Leadership Development

  • Change Management and Facilitation

  • One to one and Team Coaching

  • Personality Assessments (BIP, DiSC, Harrison)

  • Leadership Circle Profile and Team Survey Certification

  • Solution Focused Coaching

  • Agile Leadership Certificat

  • Diploma in Psychology (equivalent to M.A.)

Colleagues say

"Thorsten has profound knowledge and hands-on experience in transforming business models and organisations. His fascination with all things tech has put “digital" at the top of his priorities for decades."

"He's quick at grasping the big picture, i.e. how different businesses generate value and how people and processes are interlinked. Most people who've worked with him describe him as a strategic thinker with an entrepreneurial spirit."

"His calm presence enables you to think with him through a variety of scenarios and to develop new perspectives."

Thorsten Hanisch

Has sailed 4 of the 7 Seas

Busy dad of 2 who likes to forage, catch and cook

Fun Facts

  • Digital Business Development

  • Consulting

  • Digital Transformation

  • Organizational Change

  • INSEAD Executive Education - Strategy, Innovation, Finance, Organisational Behaviour

  • Diploma in Economics (equivalent to M.A.)

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Colleagues say

"Katja's curious and caring personality will make it easy to open up and explore. She will make sure that you can bring up anything that is on your mind and support you to find the best answer possible for you."

"She never hesitates to support people in their development and her enthusiasm will catch on to you - you can almost feel that she is on a mission to change the world for the better. She is a great observer and picks up connections and moods quickly. In our team, she's the one who connects the dots and keeps us focused."

"Katja shapes and lives the world of tomorrow and inspires us with her many sustainability projects. With her, you will never waste time, nor resources." 

"She is driven by a deep passion to bring leadership and communication to the world of science."

Dr. Katja Martinewski


Loves rainbows

Archery Master

Orkish Weaponsmith

Fun Facts

  • Leading projects

  • Effective communication for Scientist/Chemists

  • Intercultural competencies

  • Team dynamics

  • Doctoral studies in Chemistry

  • Systemic and psychological Coach

  • Coach the Coach

  • Intuitive Archery Trainer


Colleagues say

"To think of John facilitating reminds us of a funfair: working with him is energizing, so much fun, exciting and very diversified. A day with him passes by so quickly and you will find that he will go on all the rides you want to make it the most useful learning for you."

"He will never lecture but instead let you find your own way to discover, learn, and apply. Apart from that he brings a lot of relevant business experience that he is willing to share, while staying incredibly humble and spontaneous."

John Brooker

Tea time lover

His cat bombs Zoom calls

Author of two books

Fun Facts


Clients say

"I worked with John very closely on various training activities. I was always impressed by his work ethic and commitment to delivering value added training to our business. He was always committed to ensuring that our learners had a great time while learning. John is always a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him as someone to work with." Anu, HR Business Partner and Leader

  • Lead Solution Focus Collaboration (FreeRun Framework)

  • Lead Solution Focus Innovation (Inn8 Approach)

  • Solution Focused Team Building (Team Impetus)

  • Author of "Jump Now!" and "The Creative Gorilla" 

  • Leadership Circle Profile Certification

  • Solution Focused Professional, Facilitating and Coaching

  • Buzan Mind Mapping Instructor

  • Michael Grinder Group Mastery

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Colleagues say

"The first thing that comes to mind is the word "poet" - Tom has the power to spark a different kind of thinking by the language he uses."

"He is  a great coach with a broad knowledge of personal development topics and beyond. He'll challenges you to reflect on a profound level and discover hidden parts of your inner world."

"He will always see things on many different levels and uses this ability to make groups and individuals grow. He's passionate about growth and creates the space that fosters great conversations to emerge."

"He will not let you off the hook easily - if you're serious in your development,  in the most caring way, he will accompany you until you get there."

Tom Hatton


Golf Enthusiast

Entrepreneur at heart

Gongs before meetings

Fun Facts

Clients say

"Tom said a few simple things that had a profound impact on me. Tom's comments were very insightful, felt like a tailor fit to my persona and I have immensely enjoyed and benefited from our interaction. I still haven't had our last 1:1 with him, I am very much looking forward to it." MOMENTUM participant

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  • Executive development programme

  • Developing Leaders, Managers and Teams

  • ‘Leading in Action’ programmes

  • Coaching Studio 'Bookings and Enquiries'

  • Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) and Team Survey Certification

  • Dipl. Leadership and Executive Coaching 

  • M.Sc. Business Development and Innovation


Dr. Anja Degen

Colleagues say

"It somehow feels like Anja's day is longer than everyone else's. She's everywhere, taking part in many initiatives, enjoying nature, connecting to loads of people, bubbling with ideas."

"In the first minutes, talking with Anja, you sense that she's led team in larger organisations and can admire how beautifully she invites authentic, effective and wholehearted conversations."

"She's such a good sparring partner, listener and coach."


Lived in the past 12 years in

4 different countries

Big fan of meditation and singing bowls

Fun Facts

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  • Leadership Development

  • Executive Coaching

  • Developmental Coaching

  • Transformation Processes

  • Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) and Collective Leadership Assessment

  • Integral Life Coach

  • Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals


Pete Marsh


Owns chicken

Dog Lover

Family Orchestra Conductor

Fun Facts

Colleagues say

"He interacts in such a respectful and appreciative way that one feels encouraged to give it more thought. He also has a great way to summarize what has been said and connects it to a new perspective."

"When we need some quality thinking time, Pete is always available. Thanks!"

"He is a sharp observer and very skilled listener. I admire his ability to point out which dynamics are going on in an individual and in a group, far beyond the obvious."

Clients say

"Thank you for all the encouragement, explanations and help navigating the reports. Great support for this development journey.”

"Thanks also for the nice call and the insights you've already provided, not to mention the start of some really interesting thought processes.”

MOMENTUM Leadership Journey participants

  • Leadership Journey design and delivery

  • Leadership Team meeting facilitation

  • Facilitating strategy meetings

  • Conflict mediation

  • Leadership Systems Certification

  • Management Coaching and Mentoring Diploma Level 5

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Systemic Team Coaching

  • MSc People and Organisational Development


Marc-Antoine Hamet

Colleagues say

"The first word that comes to mind when thinking of Marc-Antoine is “connecting”. He connects people from all walks of life, the body and the mind, the right brain and the left brain and art to business."

"He quickly connects to people of all cultures as he has worked and lived in India, US, Canada and France. Marc-Antoine constantly refines the art of supporting leaders to orchestrate their teams and fine-tuning their organisations."

"His contribution is opening up new possibilities to bring more humanity to business and we are extremely grateful for this."

"You will always come out of your conversation with Marc-Antoine, inspired by connections that would have never crossed your mind."

Opera Lover & Expert

Literature Enthusiast

Lived in India


Fun Facts

  • Leadership Development

  • Intercultural Competencies

  • Solution Focused Coaching 

  • Team Building

  • Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) Certification

  • Effective Coaching Certification by Korn Ferry Institute

  • 360° certifications: LVI, GELM, LEA

  • Hogan Assessment

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Dr. Jan Schmidt

Colleagues say

"Working with Jan is easy, always full of ideas and willingness to experiment."

"He really dives into the individual cases and challenges participants in a way that brings them great insight and enables them to see their current situation from a new perspective."

"Jan is a great listener and creates a explorative atmosphere in his trainings, which enables the best solutions to evolve."

"His creativity in the trainings, invites curiosity and deep learning."


Uses Playmobil in 

his trainings

Never shies away from challenges

Fun Facts

Clients Say

"With Jan as the facilitator, I know I can look forward to a training with lots of interaction, tangible methods and new ideas."

  • Team leading & team dynamics

  • Running meetings effectively

  • Conflict mediation

  • Leading in a scientific context

  • Moderation and Facilitation

  • Train the trainer

  • HR Management

  • Doctoral studies in theology, WWU Münster 

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Colleagues say

"Curiously, he explores how people and organisations work. This makes Johan an ideal trainer and facilitator, who radiates a stable calm. As a group, you pick it up effortlessly. With a lot of confidence, he guides you through the smooth and sometimes confronting learning moments."

"In leadership trajectories, he keeps an eye on larger organizational issues and keeps one-on-one human contact warm. He quickly picks up on what is going on."

Clients Say

"Johan is a good team leader and coach, someone who is reliable and trustworthy. Next to an optimized development cycle, one of the more appreciated results of his work is an improved cooperation between business and IT."

​"The Growth Sprints Johan facilitated in the frame of an organisational development journey were a great success! He's got a very elegant way of offering each individual the space needed for deep reflection and playful experimenting. There is no doubt that he is passionate about adult and leadership development. It's a pleasure to co-create and collaborate with him and I hope that we have the chance to work on many more projects together in the future."

Johan Decoster


Loves "coffee Moments"

Plays gongs all night

Did two sacred passages

Fun Facts

  • Agile Team Facilitation

  • Leadership Development

  • Immunity to Change Coaching Arc

  • Growth Sprints

  • Leadership Circle Profile (LCP), Collective Leadership Assessment and Leadership System Certification

  • Certified Agile Professional (CSM, CSP, CSPO)

  • Sociocracy 3.0


Colleagues say

​“Alex is deeply curious about everything. He likes us all to let go of the need to be ‘experts’ and instead, to enjoy the freedom and creativity of adopting the ‘beginner’s mind’. He likes to stay open to new and different possibilities, he delights in getting people to ask good questions, and he knows that great answers only come when you ask great questions. He loves to instil this sense of curiosity and experimentation in everyone he works with.”

“Alex is happy to embrace uncertainty and ambiguity, with an openness to find value in the unexpected. He is a passionate improviser in relation to human interactions and collective creativity.”

“Alex believes that in music, and in life, there is no such thing as a wrong note. He believes that there are opportunities to find value and beauty in the most unexpected circumstances.”

“Alex is a neophiliac! This means that he is someone who has the ability to adapt rapidly to extreme change; he looks for alternatives to tradition, repetition, and routine; he is happy to let go and to unlearn, with a passion and openness to explore novel and radical ideas. He encourages others to do the same, with a deep sense of playfulness, empathy and zest.”

Alex Steele


Professional Jazz Pianist

Lives and works with remote communities in Uganda and Kenya

Can perform a rain dance

Fun Facts

  • Leadership development programmes

  • Experiential learning using live jazz and improvisation

  • Sustainable development, organisational purpose, climate change adaptation, environmental and social impact assessment

  • Associate, contributor, and visiting professor (e.g. London Business School, Ashridge Executive Education)

  • Doctorate studies in organisational psychology

  • BSc Honours Degree in Environmental Sciences

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