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"The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails."

John Maxwell


What you can expect from your coaching 

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Embarking on a coaching journey is taking the time to invest in yourself, heighten you self-awareness and better understand the impact you have on your environment.

We will gladly walk alongside you for part of your personal journey.

Our team has a great diversity of Communication, Solution Focus and Leadership Coaches. 

Ready to embark on your Development Journey?

Find your way - our coaches support you to navigate

Leadership Circle Profile Debriefing & Coaching

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Leadership is a choice. Becoming more aware of that choice will enable you to transform into the leader you want to become - in your personal and professional life. The Leadership Circle Profile is a unique developmental framework to deepen that development.

Start your coaching process with the LCP, a developmental 360° feedback to then embark on a personal and transformative journey towards a more effective and creative leadership mind-set. 

With your coach, you will discover how others perceive your leadership and how it impacts your teams and projects. You can experiment with your behaviors and explore your assumptions to shift the impact you have in your interactions.

* The Leadership Circle Profile™  was developed by and is owned by the Leadership Circle®

Individual Coaching

When you engage in a coaching partnership, you give yourself quality thinking time.

Your coach will support you in raising your awareness and finding actions that will focus on the difference you want to make.


Coaching online or in person



Mediation can either strengthen relationships by encouraging trust and respect or help navigate a healthy end to a relationship.

In conflict, it is easy to articulate what is not working and what is not wanted. Our role as mediator is to ask focused questions that will assist you and your partner in clearly defining what you both want instead of the conflict.

Our attitude as mediators is one of ‘not knowing’ and ‘leading from one step behind’, inviting you to look at your preferred future and defining steps to get there.

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How to reach us

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